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"It was easy for me to choose Cal Poly for an MBA. The accelerated MBA One Year Program makes it possible to earn a master's degree in under a year, compared to 2 or 3 years with other programs. The pace and the curriculum are well-matched, and students are quickly equipped for a leap into management"
David Cross
MBA, Class of 2006

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Cal Poly Accelerated MBA Program
Complete An MBA Degree In Less Than 1 Year

The Accelerated MBA Program

The Accelerated MBA Graduate Program provides a unique opportunity for you to fully immerse yourself in the Cal Poly MBA Graduate Program. Focus on your academic and professional goals in the unique learning environment, work closely with faculty and grow with your peers through shared academic experiences and extracurricular activities - all within one year (10 months!).

The 60-64 unit daytime MBA program, consisting of 36-units of required courses with the remaining 24-28 elective units selected from a selected group of advanced courses.

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Specialization Options for the MBA Degree - One Year Program

MBA 1 Year Program Highlights

Less than 1 Year Completion
Possible for a full-time student devoting 100% attention to his/her studies and following the prescribed curriculum design, including all facets of the two short intensive special summer sessions, to complete their MBA in 10 months.

Unique Design
The unique program design, specifically the inclusion of the short summer sessions, differentiates this program from other MBA programs. These high-caliber, innovative, and unique courses offer the opportunity to take the learning experience outside the classroom - to the real world.

With respect to opportunity costs this one year program, even with its short intensive summer sessions, will be significantly less expensive for most students to pursue than the four, five or six quarter MBA. For example, additional tuition for the extra quarter(s), room and board, entertainment, lost income from not being in the work force on a full-time basis, etc. are eliminated. We strongly encourage students to take these factors into account when applying and planning their studies.

100% Attention
The design of the Accelerated Lesss Than One Year program will require that you devote 100% of your time to your studies, but will allow you to return to the world of full-time employment more quickly.